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KIKO™ Premium Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Elongated 55 Functions

KIKO™ Premium Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Elongated 55 Functions

SKU: Q-7700L

KIKO™ luxury electronic bidet toilet seats are designed with a modern and ultra sleek look that will add elegance to any bathroom. Equipped the latest engineering breakthroughs on the market, the KIKO™ Q-7700 bidet series uses instantaneous heating technology with air infused water for a superior, comfortable wash with endless hot water. The KIKO™ Q-7700 utilizes 2 proprietary thin nozzles, with one dedicated for posterior washes and one dedicated to feminine washes. This top of the line bidet has over 50 adjustable features and functions, including the most luxurious features such as etiquette music, LED illumination and carbon water filter, all of which not featured in any other bidet brand. KIKO™ bidets will serve your home with 5-star hotel luxury at factory production price ranges.

Easy installation with step-by-step video instructions on YouTube!

Electrical Connection: North American 120 Volts 60 Hertz

Full bidet dimensions are 17.5" x 21.5" x 7". 

Seat hole dimensions are 11.75" x 8" 

Product designed and manufactured in South Korea.


Also available: KIKO™ Q-5500 Deluxe Edition Bidets in Elongated and Round sizes!



Heating Mechanism:          Instantaneous Heating Technology with endless hot water

Seat Style:                              Elongated

Nozzle Type:                          Dual Nozzles with Air Infusion Technology

Nozzle Positions:                  5 Settings

Water Pressure:                    8 Settings

Water Temperature:           12 Settings

Air Dry Temperature:          9 Settings

Heated Seat:                          7 Settings

Soft Close Lid:                       Yes

Safety Body Sensor:           Yes

Purifying Carbon Filter:     Yes

UV Sterilization:                    Yes

Illumination:                           Yes

Deodorizer:                             Yes

Aroma:                                      Yes

Etiquette Music:                    Yes

Controls:                                  Wireless Remote (batteries included)

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